1.02.2021 History

Israel is Reading Korczak

An educational project which aims to bring the agenda, values and ideas of Janusz Korczak to the young generation in Israel

An educational project led by The Janusz Korczak Israeli Educational Institute, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv,

Moreshet Center, The Israeli Ministry of Education and others which aims to bring the agenda, values and ideas

of Janusz Korczak to the young generation in Israel. 

For the projects` website 

As part of the project, Israeli celebrities and public figures participated and recorded themselves reading Korczak’s short stories.  

An article about the project on the Ynet website

The project was created in order to pass on to the younger generation in Israel the values ​​of human dignity, democracy, humanism, pluralism, and more – values in which Janusz Korczak believed and were a basis to his work. 

The project is based on the short stories of Janusz Korczak read by a number of volunteers, including the ambassadors of Israel and Poland,

Prof. Ada Yonath, Prof. Dan Shechtman, Lia Koenig, Dorit Beinisch, former President of the Supreme Court, Lior Ashkenazi, Achinoam Nini, Dror Keren, Yael Arad, Prof. Asa Kasher and others.

Dalia Tauber, Chair of the Janusz Korczak Israeli Educational Institute: “In the days when social distance is the center of the day, the project seeks to be a focal point for social rapprochement, strengthening and connection based on Janusz Korczak’s values ​​expressed in his short stories. Korczak’s social-educational agenda, as expressed in his writings, is less well known in Israel. It is amazing to see how ideas he expressed almost 100 years ago are still relevant to our lives here and now. The project in Israel is an educational ‘pilot’ that will be a global model”. 

The project will be accessible to the general public through a dedicated website that contains the short videos, including readings by Janusz Korczak, workshops formats that accompany the stories, suggestions for conducting a conversation and illustrations that deal with the ideas and social values ​​presented in the stories.

Readers – whether well-known people, directors of social organizations, or private individuals, with special needs, young and old – represent, as far as possible, Israeli society in all its forms – Polish Ambassador to Israel and Israeli Ambassador to Poland read Korczak`s stories in the language of each other and the President Mr. Reuven Rivlin, who included in his blessing for the project a reading passage from a short story by Korczak.

Janusz Korczak was born in Warsaw to a secular Jewish family, was a physician, teacher and educational philosopher and was considered one of the greatest pedagogical thinkers. His name is linked to the orphanage he founded and managed and in relation to the tragedy of his death alongside the children of the orphanage with whom he marched to Treblinka in August 1942.

Korczak was one of the pioneers of child rights activities. Conducted the first attempts at democratic education, pioneer in child and youth rehabilitation and child development research. He has authored books in the fields of education, children’s books like King Matia, Keitush the Magician, and many others.



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