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The Last Stage in Tel Aviv Cinematheque

The Last Stage of Wanda Jakubowska - the first ever made about Auschwitz - on the Tel Aviv Cinematheque`s website

The Last Stage of Wanda Jakubowska will be  transmited on the Tel Aviv Cinematheque`s website on April 7-9 2021. 

The special screening in the occasion of the Holocaust annual memorial day, will include the film that considered to be the first ever made about Auschwitz camp. 

Watching the the film will be open to the public on the Cinematheque`s website, free of charge. 

A link to the film on the Cinematheque`s website will be published here on April 6th

The Last Stage (Polish: Ostatni etap) is a 1948 Polish feature film directed and co-written by Wanda Jakubowska, depicting her experiences in the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. It was filmed on location at Auschwitz, where Jakubowska had been interned.

The film was one of the early cinematic efforts to describe the Holocaust, and it is still quoted extensively by succeeding directors, including Steven Spielberg in Schindler`s List. 

Wanda Jakubowska (10 November 1907 – 25 February 1998) was a Polish film director. Although she directed as many as 15 films over 50 years, Jakubowska is best known for her work on the Holocaust.




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