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Co-Production with Anna Wydra

The art of co-production will be at the core of a meeting with Polish film producer Anna Wydra, in which she will share from her long experience in the film industry

The art of co-production will be at the core of a meeting with Polish film producer Anna Wydra

The meeting that will be held on October 11, Monday 20:00 via Zoom will deal with the art of managing a co-production between two countries who agree to co-create a film

Wydra will share in this open-to-the-public meeting, the reasons why, in her experience, it is worthwhile to enter such agreements and also which countries are the “best” to work with

when films are the topic. How does one even measure such things? This and much more will be covered in this meeting.

There are technical issues, questions that need to be asked (both to ourselves and the possible partner) before entering a negotiation.

Including how best to represent a project to a producer or a partner.

Manager of the Warsaw-based Otter Films company, Wydra has a rich experience in producing Art-House movies as well as documentary films meant for the international market.

Her projects include movies shot in Haiti, the US, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia and many more.

She won several international prizes at the Dok Leipzig festival, the Locarno International Film Festival, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, the Krakow Film Festival and more.

Her 2010 co-production Rabbit a la Berlin (with director Bartosz Konopka) was an Oscar nominee. She was also co-producer of the 2016 film Zud and the 2018 film Ayka

which was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Wydra is a member of the European Film Academy and is a member of DocLabPoland, IMPAKT and Emerging Producers.


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