17.11.2021 - 19.11.2021 Music

Polish Jazz Festival – 2nd edition

3 days of Israeli-Polish artistic collaboration in 6 performances by the best jazz artists from Poland and Israel in live and broadcast performances, screenings, original productions and special collaborations

The Second edition of the Polish Jazz Festival will take place between November 17 (Wednesday) to November 19 (Friday) and will include six Polish-Israeli performances

 The festival, held at Tel Aviv Terminal 4 space at Kaufmann St as well as the Tel Aviv Cinematheque will be streamed on digital media and include the best Jazz musicians now playing

in Poland and Israel. The performances will be live as well as screened. Allowing for unique co-operations and original productions. 

A joint production of the Polish Institute Tel Aviv, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute from Poland and the Social Jazz Community, the festival is managed by Barak Weiss.

Playing in Israel for the first time, Adam Pieronczyk will kick start the festival with his trio on Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. (Terminal 4). STAV, Maciej Sikala, Anat Fort, Daniel Zamir,

and the Gilad Ephrat Ensamble will share the stage with him.

The entire festival is built around the concept of a Polish-Israeli dialog with the old and the new, Jazz and classical music, Chopin and the musical traditions of the world.

This unorthodox approach honors 172 years to the death of the great Polish composer as well as bends almost all conventions about his music.

The program includes performances by leading Polish jazz ensembles, Israeli-Polish collaborations, a tribute to the legendary soundtrack composer

And the father of the modern Polish jazz Krzystof Komeda as a gesture to his 90th birthday; as well as screenings of Polish jazz films, live broadcasts from the Jasmine Club in Warsaw

and more.


The festival is larger than just live shows, including screening of classical Polish films with a Jazz theme, recorded shows, and online lectures about the history of Jazz.

Under the Chopin in improvisation headline Israeli musicians will offer their own Jazzed-up version to the works of Chopin in marathon format –

a continuation of an exploration which began in the previous Polish Jazz Festival.

For tickets please visit: https://mailchi.mp/c28c3cec0213/3qepfzi8x5 (Hebrew only) Friends of the Polish Institute Tel Aviv enjoy a discount with coupon code 2121



Since the 1960’s, a time in which Jazz embodied the ambition to escape Communism and be free, Poland is known as a country with a powerful Jazz tradition and lively ongoing interest. Even though the Polish Jazz scene is among the most important ones in the world Israeli Jazz lovers are rarely offered a chance to explore it. This Polish Jazz festival, co-founded by the Polish Institute Tel Aviv, AMI Warsaw and the Social Jazz Group offers to shine a spotlight on some of the better musicians and bands in Polish Jazz. In addition, the composers Chopin and Krzysztof Komeda will be given a central spot in the festival thanks to Israeli interpretations of their respective music.

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