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Jewish soldiers in Ander’s Army – a concert and an exhibition

Two special events to honor Jewish soldiers who fought in Ander’s Army – a concert by Polish & Israeli musicians and the launching of an exhibition on Ander’s Army

Two special events will be held in early December 2021 to honor Jewish soldiers who fought in Ander’s Army (The Polish Army in the East). 

 December 5 (Sunday) at 18:30 – A special evening which combines the lighting of Hanukkah candles and a special concert at Enav Center Tel Aviv.

December 8 (Wednesday) at 17:00 – launching an exhibition on Ander’s Army at Kiryat Motzkin’s City Library (5 Dakar St)

Ander’s Army – Which, this year, marks 80 years to its foundation, is one of the most unusual militaries in history. Created in 1941 by General Wladyslaw Anders to participate in the war against

the Nazis alongside the Red Army and is famous for the Monte Cassino campaign (January – May 1944) which ended in victory. The army included Polish citizens of all ranks, from former convicts

to released Gulag inmates and even refugee children. The army marched from the USSR to Iran, Syria, pre-state Israel, and eventually to Europe.

Thousands of Polish-Jewish were a part of Ander’s Army.

On Dec 5 (Sunday) 18:30 we will hold a very special Hanukkah evening with Polish and Israeli musicians who will share this amazing history with songs honoring the legacy of these Jewish soldiers in Ander’s Army.

Most of these songs were composed by Jewish musicians who reached would-be Israel with the Polish Army in the East. These songs express joy, hope, and other strong emotions.

The artists included are: Olga Avigail Mieleszczuk, Omer Netzer, and Dariusz Malejonek. In addition, the evening will include a lighting of Hanukkah candles and light refreshments.

Participants would be given a festive album about Ander’s Army titled From Poland to Israel

Preregister by Dec 3 at: yedidut.isr.pl@gmail.com


Following this, an exhibition devoted to Jewish soldiers in Anders Army will open on Dec 8 (Wednesday) at 17:00 on 5 Dakar St at Kiryat Motzkin’s City Library.

This special evening will take place with Mayor Haim Tzuri and will include a sing-along with Rami Kogen, a guided tour of the exhibition and a lecture on ‘From Anders Army to the IDF

with a focus on Ander’s orphans  – Teheran’s children’ by Dr. Leah Ganor, head of the Mashmaut Center.

This special evening will conclude with a screening of the documentary film ‘Jewish roles in Ander’s Army’.

Admittance is free of charge, please call 054-904-8323 to ensure your seat or email mashmaut.center@gmail.com


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