27.12.2021 History

Geneology – a meeting and a discussion

A meeting led by the researcher Matan Shefi which will focus on family roots and the work carried out by the Genealogical research department at the Jewish Historical Institute (JHI) in Warsaw

Our family history, what do we know about it?

On January 2nd 2022 we will hold a meeting on the topic of genealogy – 19:00 at the Polish Institute Tel Aviv 3 Rothschild Blvd.

The meeting is open to the general public and pre-registration is possible via email: polish.institute@gmail.com

The meeting, which will be held in partnership with the JHI and Isragen – The Israeli Association of Genealogical research, is led by researcher Matan Shefi.

For many, Poland is not only a tourist destination or a place with a complex history, for many of us, Poland is also where our family came from and where the family saga took place,

Poland is home.

The special meeting will deal with the means to find family roots, how to locate family relatives or friends of the family etc.


The JHI is operating for several years a genealogical department which aids people who are seeking information about their family history.

Matan Shefi, a part of the JHI, will discuss the various ways to find family history, what can be discovered etc.


Because of COVID-19 there is only a limited number of seats.

Pre-register by December 31 2021 at the Email  polish.institute@gmail.com




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