28.04.2022 Film, History

Holocaust Memorial Day at Lev Tel Aviv Cinema

A special event which includes a screening of the film Korczak directed by Andrzej Wajda, about the life of this unique man and marking 80 years to his death

On Holocaust Memorial Day we will hold a special event which includes the screening of the film Korczak by  Andrzej Wajda.

Polish with Hebrew subtitles.

The evening will be held at Lev Cinema on April 28 2022 at 7 p.m. and will include a discussion of the history of Korczak and the background of that time in history.

The 1990 film is a biography in black and white directed by Wajda with a script written by Agnieszka Holland. Its focus is the humanist educator Polish-Jewish Janusz Korczak, this year we mark 80 years to his death.

In the discussion after the film Tadeusz Druzd will take place. Mr Druzd was a part of the production of this film and he will discuss his friendship of many years with Wajda and Polish-Jewish relations after the Holocaust.  Discussion will be in Hebrew.

Alongside his work as a teacher, medical doctor, and humanist, Korczak was known for running an orphanage and how he heroically walked with his children to the gas chambers in Treblinka. The discussion will include aspects of his life as shown in the movie.

50 Dizingof St (Dizingof Center) Lev Aviv Cinema


Please RSVP by Tuesday April 26 2022 via email: polish.institute@gmail.com  


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