13.12.2022 - 15.12.2022 Literature

A fantastical Night – European Science Fiction Nights

Three evening of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature from all over Europe will be read in different performance spaces in Tel Aviv by Israeli actors in Hebrew

A Fantastical Night is a three-night event of fantasy and science fiction stories from across Europe which will take place each evening between December 13 to 15

starting at 19:00 p.m.

The event will introduce a series of works from Europe all created by the best talents working today at the Science Fiction and fantasy genres in this event shared by 13 EU countries –

Including Greece, Italy, and Romania among others.

Three evening during which tales dripping with imagination will be read in the spaces of HaSimta theater, Liebling House, and Beit Ariela by Israeli actors in the Hebrew language.

Among the tales selected, a short story by Primo Levi about a married couple seeking to make ends meet by renting their foreheads as moving ad space and German space explorer Perry

Rhodan, now a character chiefly written by a female creator Michell Stern. From Poland, author Krystyna Chodorowska describes in a clinical fashion the climate crisis and the ways in which it

reshapes Poland. Her short story The Lying Weather Report will be read at Beit Ariela during the closing evening of the event.

👉13-15 December
👉3 fantastic venues for readings: HaSimta Theater, Liebling House and Beit Ariela Library
👉starting always from 19:00
👉selected works of 13 European authors

To read the full program.

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