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The second stage of the translation workshop

The second stage of the workshop is aimed to help beginning translators with finding inspiration, to translate the first chapter of the book of their choice and to look for a publishing house that would like to publish the book in Hebrew.

The translation workshop held on December 12, 2023 was very productive. The lectures were recorded and are available on our YouTube channel –  Polish Institute Tel Aviv. We invite you to watch and listen!

The aim of the second stage of the translation workshop is to find inspiration and the book that one of you would like to translate. That’s why we ordered many books from Poland to our library and we invite you to search in our catalogue – for coordination, please contact Agata at telaviv.librarian@instytutpolski.pl.

After you find a book that interests you, please contact us by the end of January 2024 by email (telaviv.librarian@instytutpolski.pl) and present the book you are interested in. From the proposals that will be received, three titles will be selected according to the candidate’s qualifications as well as the book’s potential in terms of its chances of finding a publisher in Israel. Three selected translators will prepare a so-called “translation sample” (the first 20 pages of the novel they have chosen). They will work with the assistance of the respected translator Miriam Borenstein, who will provide advice and tips that are so important to people who are taking their first steps as translators. Translators will be able to submit their work to the translation program of the Book Institute in Poland and then, with the logistical support of the Polish Institute Tel Aviv, look for a potential book publisher in Israel.

We hope that both the series of lectures in December and the second stage of the workshop will serve the Polish-speaking community in Israel to find inspiration and expand their knowledge of contemporary Polish literature!

Among the participants in previous translation workshops are people who have already started working on their own translations. Among them are Arieh Nevo (translator of “The Evil One”” by Leopold Tyrmand), Tamar Netanel (translator of “Lost Soul” by Olga Tokarczuk) and Rina Bodankin (currently working on a translation of the novel “Stramer” by Mikołaj Łoziński).

We would like to congratulate the translators and hope that the year 2024 will bring you further inspiration!

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The second stage of the translation workshop

We are thrilled to inform you that the second stage of the translation workshop, which was aimed at helping beginning translators find inspiration to translate the first chapter of the book of their choice into Hebrew, has ended.
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Invitation for a Zoom event with Nili

Zoom event that is dedicated to the international “Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” campaign that is currently taking place in Poland and Israel which aims to commemorate the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and its heroes.
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“In the face of the Holocaust –

The Warsaw Uprising Museum recently published 150 photos, including lesser-known photos from the Warsaw ghetto, photos from its establishment, photos from "daily life in the ghetto," and a series of 1945 photos of the ruins left in the ghetto area.
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