20.01.2023 Literature

Radek Rak`s novel – a new meeting of the Polish Book Club

Redak's fascinating realistic-mythical novel will be at the center of our upcoming literary meeting - the story of Ya'akov Shela who led protests against the aristocracy in the 19th century in Poland

Radek Rak’s novel “A Tale of a Serpent’s Heart or a Second Word About Jakób Szela” will be the topic of our next event of the Book Discussion Club.

 Additional information about the author (in English)

Additional information about the book (in Polish)


 Participants of the event are invited to read the book, which they can receive as follows:

– visiting the IP library (Mondays 8-16 or Fridays 8-13:30)

– receiving an e-book


If you are interested, please contact me us by e-mail at: telaviv.librarian@instytutpolski.pl

  The number of books is limited!

  The meeting will be held in Polish language on January 20th (Friday) at 11:00 am in the Library of the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv

Rothshchild 3, Beit Psagot, 22nd floorץ 


Scheduled Literature

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A tribute to Irit Amiel 🗓

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Distant cities – Jacek Dehnel’s poems in

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