3.03.2023 Cuisine, Tourism

Kosher food in Poland – a tourist lecture

A tourist meeting devoted to places of Jewish heritage in Poland and routes for tourists who observe the rules of kosher will be led by guide Nurit Shapiro and expert on kosher food in Poland Ilan Baum.

The lecture will take place on March 3, 2023 at 10:30 in the Library of the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv.

Tourist trails in Poland have been paved by many Israelis for decades, traveling both in organized and smaller, family groups or individually. As in many other countries, a trip to Poland

brings challenges for every tourist who observes kosher rules.

During the lecture, kosher food centers in Poland will be presented. A specialist in this field – Ilan Baum – will present the audience with a practical guide to restaurants,

supermarkets and other shops located on the Jewish Heritage Trail in Poland.

An experienced guide, Nurit Shapiro, will offer the participants of the lecture a week-long program interspersed with kosher culinary stops along with practical advice for tourists.


The lecture will be held in Hebrew.

The lecture will take place in the Library of the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv and will be broadcast live on the Facebook IP profile.

Details and registration – telaviv.librarian@instytutpolski.pl


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