18.04.2023 - 30.04.2023 Literature

“I came home and there was no one there – conversations and stories about the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto”

Events commemorating the Holocaust Remembrance Day centered around Hanka Grupińska's book about the fate of the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The book “I came home and there was no one there – conversations and stories about the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto” – literary events on the occasion of

commemorating the Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel.

“I came home and there was no one there” – this is the title of the the book by the Polish writer Hanka Grupińska, published by Ktav web Publishing House with the support of the Polish Institute

in Tel Aviv and the Book Institute in Poland.

The book tells the story of the uprising fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto.

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Literary events with the participation of the Author will be held in English:

  • April 18 (Tuesday) at 16:00 P.M. at the University of Haifa (in the Eshkol building, 30th floor, Mitzpor Hall) –  199, Abba Khoushy Avenue, Haifa

Moderator: Dr. Dorota Burda-Fischer – literary scholar from the Interdisciplinary Center for Polish Studies at the Haifa University

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  • April 30 (Sunday) at 7 P.M. in Beit Ariella in Tel Aviv (level -1)

Address: 25, Sderot Shaul Ha’Melech, Tel Aviv

Moderator: Noa Manheim – Israeli editor, translator, literary critic

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The publication comprehensively discusses the fate of the fighters of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, who fought in the ranks of the Jewish Fighting Organization. Among them are stories that

have never been revealed, collected by Hanka Grupińska during her interviews with survivors of the uprising, e.g. Celina Lubetkin, Antek Cukierman and Marek Edelman.

The special Hebrew edition will also include Grupińska’s previous book “Still circling”, published in Hebrew in 2002 by two publishing houses: Ha’Kibbutz Ha’Meuchad and Mapa.

Hanka Grupińska – author and lecturer. During the communist period in Poland she collaborated with underground magazines, co-founded the Poznań-based “Czas Kultury”. In the 90s, she

lived in Israel. For many years she dealt with the history of the Holocaust and the culture of contemporary Israel. An important part of her work focuses on the memory and care of the heritage

of Polish Jews. Grupińska’s first book “Still circling. Conversations with soldiers of the Jewish Fighting Organization” was published in Poland in 1991.

Her well-known books include a story about Hasidic women in Israel (“The hardest thing is to meet Lilit. Tales of Hasidic women”), as well as a story about Tibetans (“Far high. Tibetans without

the land”). One of the most important Polish publications on the pre-war life of Polish Jews is a collection of stories and interviews with survivors of the Second World War entitled “12 Jewish

Stories”. In March 2023, the Wielka Litera Publishing House published the second volume with additional testimonies entitled “18 Jewish Stories”.

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