2.06.2023 Literature

Discussion Book Club – Blue Cat

A novel by the recognized Polish writer Martyna Bunda, entitled "Blue cat" - a multidimensional novel about the meeting point of religion, science and passion, will be the topic of our next meeting of the Book Discussion Club

A novel by the recognized Polish writer of the young generation, Martyna Bunda, entitled “Blue cat” will be the topic of our next meeting of the Book Discussion Club.

The event will be held in Polish on June 2 (Friday) at 11:00 am in the Library of the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv (Beit Psagot, 3 Rothschild Blvd., 22nd floor).

 The discussion will be hosted by Ewa Szubstarska – performer, dancer, choreographer, dance and movement psychotherapist, but also a lover of literature and a teacher at

the Polish School in Tel Aviv

 Participants of the event are invited to read the book, which they can receive as follows:

– visiting the IP library (Mondays 8-16 or Fridays 8-13:30)

– receiving an e-book

   More information about the book (in Polish)

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at: telaviv.librarian@instytutpolski.pl

  The number of books is limited!


Scheduled Literature

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