160th anniversary of the January Uprising – a selection of articles

A selection of articles by historians and important personalities on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the January Uprising, which broke out on January 22, 1863
22 01.2023 History, News

“The UNRRA White Boats” – A special event to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day 

An event led by the Holocaust researcher Dr. Roman Wasserman-Wroblewski will deal with the Swedish humanitarian mission that brought to Sweden 10 000 former concentration camp inmates, mainly women and children from Bergen-Belsen
27 01.2023 History, News

‘Mom, I don’t want war’ – a new exhibition

Exhibition showing children's drawings inspired by the war: Polish children in 1946 and children in the Ukraine of 2022
30 11.2022 10 12.2022 History, Kids, News

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum calls to collect artifacts from WW2

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum calls to collect objects, souvenirs and testimonies from the Warsaw Ghetto that are in the possession of private individuals and may contribute to the presentation of history in the newly built museum
12 10.2022 Bez kategorii, History, News

Book POLAND 1939: The Outbreak of World War II by Roger Moorhouse

In POLAND 1939: The Outbreak of World War II, Roger Moorhouse introduces the September Campaign as the triggering event of World War II
01 09.2022 History, News

The losses suffered by Poland during World War II

A three volumed report released in Poland on September 1, the date on which the Second World War began, lists the massive losses in human lives, property, and infrastructure inflicted on Poland and for which it never received any compensation from Germany
01 09.2022 History, News

The Hippocratic Oath at the Umschlagplatz

Talking Memory Series in a meeting focusing on the difficult choices made by Jewish women and men of medicine working in the inhuman conditions of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto
18 09.2022 History, News

History contest for publications promoting the Polish history and diplomacy

Foreign Minister’s history contest for best publications promoting the history of Poland and Polish diplomacy opens for entries. Historians can submit their works until 31 August 2022.
19 07.2022 History, News