June 14th is the date of the first transport to Auschwitz

On June 14, 1940, the first transport arrived in Auschwitz - Since 2006, June 14 became a Remembrance Day in Poland         
14 06.2020 History

May 3rd – Poland`s Constitution Day

On May 3rd Poland marks Constitution Day in honour of the 1791 document that is regarded as the first codified modern constitution in Europe and second in the world
03 05.2020 History

May 8th – Anniversary of the End of World War II

Today, on May 8, Poland and Western Europe are commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II which claimed more than 50 million human lives
08 05.2020 History

May 12th – Anniversary of the Death of Josef Pilsudski.

May 12th is the day we are commemorating the anniversary of the death of Josef Pilsudski, a Polish statesman and a prominent figure on the international scene, the “father of the Second Polish Republic”
12 05.2020 History

The Great Warsaw Synagogue – A Lecture

On May 16 we commemorate the 77th anniversary of the destruction of the Great Warsaw Synagogue and we invite you to attend the online lecture of professor Marcus Silber
17 05.2020 History

100th anniversary of the Pope John Paul II

Today exactly is the 100th anniversary of the birth (and around 15 years since his death) of the Pope John Paul II the only Polish Pope so far and the one who taught us all a lesson about openness and accepting every human being with his feelings and needs
18 05.2020 History, News

Righteous Among the Nations – Monthly story

At the age of 15, Jan never looked back. He risked his life to help Jewish friends who were his neighbours in his childhood. This is another story about personal courage against all odds
28 05.2020 Righteous Among the Nations

Righteous Among the Nations – Monthly story

Jerzy Pozimski was a prisoners in Auschwitz. Because of a special job, he was able to move freely in the camp. He made contact with a group of female prisoners and saved the lives of their relatives by moving them to different jobs
27 04.2019 Righteous Among the Nations

228th Anniversary of the 3 May Constitution

228th Anniversary of the 3 May Constitution - The text of the Constitution of 1791 is traditionally credited to King Stanisław II August, Grand Marshall of Lithuania Ignacy Potocki, and the priest and philosopher Fr. Hugo Kołłątaj
03 05.2019 History