Literary event with Joanna Bator

A special literary event in honor of the release of ‘Gorzko,gorzko’ by Joanna Bator. In the Polish language. Online
05 09.2021 Literature

Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead

The second book by Olga Tokarczuk to be printed in Hebrew thanks to the masterful translation of Miriam Borenstein and the efforts of Achuzat Bayit Books
13 09.2021 Literature

Polish language book bazar

Polish language book bazar as an opportunity to give away old Polish books and get new ones
24 09.2021 Literature, News

On Centaurs by Ginczanka

A literary encounter on the occasion of the publication of the Hebrew version of Zuzanna Ginczanka’s book On Centaurs
26 05.2021 Literature

A tribute to Irit Amiel

מפגש ספרותי בפולנית לזכרה של המשוררת, הסופרת והמתרגמת עירית עמיאל בהשתתפות מכריה מישראל ומפולין
30 04.2021 Literature

Polish poet Adam Zagajewski dies aged 75

Poland's Adam Zagajewski, who died in Krakow yesterday, was known for poems and essays laced with history and humor
22 03.2021 Literature, News

The King of Warsaw – Literary event

Literary encounter based on Szczepan Twardoch’s book “The King of Warsaw” including a zoom talk with the author about the book and the creative process
19 03.2021 Literature

Irena Sendler – Literary encounter

 Literary encounter will focus on the figure of Irena Sendler and on the new book about her life which was published in Hebrew
24 02.2021 Literature

“The Man with the White Eyes” by Leopold Tyrmand – A literary encounter

A literary encounter inspired by Leopold Tyrmand’s novel "The Man with the White Eyes” will investigate the story and its historical-sociological background. In the framework of the European Book Club
13 11.2020 Literature