The novel Stramer by Mikołaj Łoziński will be at the focus of a Polish evening of literature held ahead of a translation workshop that will include working on this book alongside translator Miriam Borenstein
17 03.2022 Literature

A translation workshop following Stramer by Łoziński

Polish speakers who are interested in trying the work of translating are invited to be elected to translate a Polish book which will be at the focus of a workshop led by Miriam Borenstein.
07 01.2022 20 05.2022 Literature

The Witcher – fiction and literature event

A special event on the occasion of the publication of the Hebrew version of The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski
24 01.2022 Literature

Shared Polish-Jewish memory – Literary event

Prof. Sławomir Żurek will be the guest of a literary event about the Polish-Jewish memory, the influence of Jewish community of Poland on Polish literature
10 12.2021 Literature

Special Event honoring the reprinting of Solaris

Marking 100 years to the birth of Stanislaw Lem, a special event honoring the reprinting of Solaris, his most iconic works
16 11.2021 Literature

Who is Maryla Szymiczkowa? A literary gathering

A literary meeting which will focus on the first book in the series of suspense novels penned by Maryla Szymiczkowa, which weaves together satire and mystery with description of Krakow in the 19th century
26 11.2021 Literature

Literary event with Joanna Bator

A special literary event in honor of the release of ‘Gorzko,gorzko’ by Joanna Bator. In the Polish language. Online
05 09.2021 Literature

Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead

The second book by Olga Tokarczuk to be printed in Hebrew thanks to the masterful translation of Miriam Borenstein and the efforts of Achuzat Bayit Books
13 09.2021 Literature

Polish language book bazar

Polish language book bazar as an opportunity to give away old Polish books and get new ones
24 09.2021 Literature, News