Penderecki`s Garden

An "interactive garden" was built by The Adam Mickiewicz Institute as a tribute to the work of the late Krzysztof Penderecki - a digital project dedicated to the memory of the great composer
20 05.2020 Music

Pianos in Jerusalem

Pianos in Jerusalem, centered on the piano and its various styles of expression, will be held again in Jerusalem. This year the festival will be dedicated to polish composer Frederic Chopin, whose 210th birthday is marked all over the world
13 11.2019 16 11.2019 Music

Songs of the Goat in Israel Festival

Songs of the Goat Polish Theater group will participate in the framework of Israel Festival Jerusalem with the performance Songs of Lear, based on Shakespeare’s classic King Lear - a powerful distillation of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy
13 06.2019 14 06.2019 Events, Music, Theatre