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Snow Calling

Agnieszka Studzinska's debut collection

Snow Calling is Agnieszka Studzinska’s debut collection, examining the fractures, the breaches of things, bringing a narrative meditation on the entity of displacement, whether in a relationship, ancestry or with oneself. The poems trace the delicate journey of transgression and coming together of family and history in their lyrical and elegiac styles, capturing:

the contradictions of what is whole and what is left behind.

The poems show the equivocal nature of an ordinary moment, opening that ordinariness into something much bigger than the actual, the specific. These poems explore what it means to be human and question silently the unanswerable.

“Agnieszka Studzinska’s poems are at once delicate – in their use of subtle language, sparse form and precise image; but also emotionally powerful – in their strong evocation of the lives of women, love affairs and illness. These qualities are reminiscent of the work of poets such as Mary Oliver and Louise Glück, and are not common in British poetry today. These are brave and beautiful poems which will remain with you.”
– Tamar Yoseloff
“Agnieszka Studzinska’s poems convey the strangeness and freshness of the world, as if it were inscribed on memory or out of memory onto language sharp enough yet transparent enough to let us see and feel it.”
– George Szirtes

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Agnieszka Studzinska was born in Poland in 1975.  She has an MA in Creative Writing from U.E.A. She has previously worked as a freelance researcher in broadcasting, an English teacher and is now an editor of a community magazine in West London. Her debut collection, Snow Calling (Salt 2010) was shortlisted for the London Festival New Poetry Award 2010. Her second collection, What Things Are will be published in October by Eyewear Publishing. She lives in London with her husband and two children.

Snow Calling
By Agnieszka Studzinska
Published by Salt Publishing
Publishing date: 2010
ISBN 978-1844715596
Order online

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