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Jubilee Anthology 20th Anniversary of the Contemporary Writers of Poland

by Danuta Błaszak and Anna Maria Mickiewicz

We invite readers to read our next anthology published in the Contemporary Writers of Poland (USA) series. This unique publication was prepared for the occasion of the important anniversary of the publishing house’s 20th anniversary.

A few words about the past. The creation of the Contemporary Writers of Poland series took place in Florida. The initiator of the idea was Danuta Błaszak. After a few years, the poet, essayist, and editor Anna Maria Mickiewicz from London joined the editorial staff. They were supported by a group of friends from several continents: North America, Australia, and Europe. Initially, the publishing house’s goal was to show the world of contemporary Polish poets. The publications were published in English and contained translations of poems. At that time, these volumes were a significant breakthrough, Poland was still in a period of Transition, and socio-political conditions were changing very slowly. New challenges appeared with them. The world has become more and more friendly and open to Polish literature. That is why the publishing house took on the challenge to create an international literary arena. It turned out that foreigners, mainly Americans and the British, willingly started publishing cooperation. A completely new stage has appeared, the publishing house has become known in the world. Later, the formula was expanded, and critical and literary studies were included.

In the latest jubilee anthology, we present an international group of contemporary writers from countries such as: Poland, USA, UK, Belgium and Italy. We present both poetic and prose works. Although the name Contemporary Writers of Poland has remained, its definition has changed. We invite all interested authors from around the world who write in English to cooperate with us.

Jubilee Anthology 20th Anniversary of the Contemporary Writers of Poland

by Danuta Błaszak and Anna Maria Mickiewicz

Published by Dreammee Little City, USA
Publication date: May 2020
ISBN: 978 171 6988 424

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