9.07.2021 Books

Cyprian Norwid’s biography

by prof. Józef F. Fert in the London publishing house of Anna Maria Mickiewicz.

The London publishing house of Anna Maria Mickiewicz, Literary Waves Publishing, had the honour of publishing the book In Memory of The Polish Poet Cyprian Norwid (1821-1883) by prof. Józef Franciszek Fert, which is dedicated to the life and work of Cyprian Norwid.

2021 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Cyprian Norwid (September 24, 1821 – May 22/23, 1883), one of the most widely known and recognized Polish writers in the country and abroad. Extremely important and interesting is not only his multifaceted work (drawing, graphics, sculpture, poetry, drama, journalism), in which we discover authentic masterpieces again and again, but also the rich life of the poet to whom this book, which is a sketch, is devoted in the first place. a biographical overview of his fate and a concise description of his comprehensive literary and artistic output.

This is the first biographical book on the poet published in English, with which we wanted to celebrate the Norwid Year. An international editorial team has worked on it. It contains among others, inter alia, a translation of Norwid’s famous poem Chopin’s Piano. The book will be available in the US and UK. It has been translated by Urszula Błaszak (USA), Stanisław Mickiewicz (UK) and Steve Rushton (UK). The cover was prepared by Agnieszka Herman.

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