JANKEL ADLER: A ‘Degenerate’ Artist in Britain 1940-1949

The first museum exhibition of Jankel Adler's works in Britain since the Arts Council memorial show in 1951 will open in London on 3 June.
03 06.2019 16 06.2019 Events, Visual arts

Snow Q: Re-imagining the Snow Queen story 🗺

A collaborative blog & installation by three Brighton-based Polish-connected artists
21 12.2018 Events, Literature, Visual arts

Chrysalis. Polish Fashion Stories

An anthology of Polish fashion from the 1930’s to the present day
31 05.2017 Books, Events, Visual arts

Radio On

by Sława Harasymowicz
17 06.2016 30 07.2016 Events, Visual arts

H.N.5 515

by Sława Harasymowicz
13 11.2015 Events, Visual arts

Play Hunt

by Sława Harasymowicz
16 10.2009 Events, Visual arts