Corporeal Materiality

Exhibition of sculpture and drawings by Magdalena Abakanowicz at the Marlborough Gallery.
12 11.2019 21 12.2019 Events, Visual arts

Marcin Dudek: Akumulator 🗺

Exhibition in the Edel Assanti Gallery
15 11.2019 20 12.2019 Events, Visual arts

Square Squared 🗺

Exhibition in Studio ExPurgamento - Camden's tiniest gallery
08 11.2019 08 12.2019 Events, Visual arts

Invisible Hands 🗺

Jersey seen from the perspective of migrant workers in artworks by Alicja Rogalska
11 11.2019 07 12.2019 Events, Visual arts

Paulina Olowska: Destroyed Woman

Polish artist's exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery in London
11 10.2019 16 11.2019 Events, Visual arts

JANKEL ADLER: A ‘Degenerate’ Artist in Britain 1940-1949

The first museum exhibition of Jankel Adler's works in Britain since the Arts Council memorial show in 1951 will open in London on 3 June.
03 06.2019 16 06.2019 Events, Visual arts

Snow Q: Re-imagining the Snow Queen story 🗺

A collaborative blog & installation by three Brighton-based Polish-connected artists
21 12.2018 Events, Literature, Visual arts

Chrysalis. Polish Fashion Stories

An anthology of Polish fashion from the 1930’s to the present day
31 05.2017 Books, Events, Visual arts