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The Warsaw Ghetto Museum calls to collect artifacts from WW2

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum calls to collect objects, souvenirs and testimonies from the Warsaw Ghetto that are in the possession of private individuals and may contribute to the presentation of history in the newly built museum

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum is being built in Warsaw. It will be one of the most modern museums in Poland, and its erection will fill the

painful gap that has existed so far in the network of Polish institutions of this type.

The Warsaw Ghetto was completely destroyed by the German occupiers, and the vast majority of its inhabitants were murdered.

This presents a difficult task for the emerging institution. To this day, very few artifacts have survived – items that could become a part of

the exhibition and which were either in the area of ​​the Warsaw Ghetto during their existence, or they were the property of the

survivors from the Ghetto in hiding (in Warsaw or outside it) later .

Polish Institutes around the world, including ours, want to help the new Museum.

So if you have any such item, and you would like to donate (or lend) it to the emerging facility, please contact us.

We encourage you to donate gifts to us, and we will pass them on to the employees of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum. 

The museum will endeavor to honor the donors of the artifacts by name.


More information on the Warsaw Ghetto Museum can be found on the website

 Let’s build this Museum together! “

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