Nominations for the Polish Book Institute’s Transatlantyk Prize

An annual prize organised by the Polish Book Institute, awarded to an indivdiual who has been a particularly strong patron and promoter of Polish literature abroad in the previous year.
24 02.2023 31 03.2023 Events, Literature, News

Harvesting Young Creativity with Belfast Children’s Festival 3 – 12 March

A project that will bring visionary festival leaders and artists from across Europe together with local Northern Ireland counterparts in order to participate in captivating panel discussions, workshops and performances. 
03 03.2023 12 03.2023 Events, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual arts

Wladyslaw Reymont’s “The Peasants” in Translation at Foyles Bookshop 7 Feb

Translator Anna Zaranko & filmmaker Hugh Welchman, in conversation with Adam Mars-Jones about the new English translation of Reymont's Nobel-winning epic "The Peasants" (and upcoming film adaptation) at Foyles Bookshop.
07 02.2023 Events, Film, Literature

Found in Translation Award 2023: Nominations Open

With a prize including a one month residency in Krakow and a cash prize of 16, 000 PLN, the FiTA award honours the best translation of Polish literature into English in 2022
10 01.2023 15 02.2023 Events, Literature, News

Polish-Scottish Mini Festival Jan-March 2023

The sixth edition of the dual culture festival celebrating cross-cultural exchange and integration between Scots and Poles with a series of diverse cultural events across Aberdeen.
01 01.2023 31 03.2023 Events, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual arts

New Book Release: “The Peasants” by Władysław reymont, translated by Anna Zaranko

"The Peasants", one of Poland's most engrossing twentieth-century epics, by the 1924 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Władysław Reymont, is now available in English translation.
29 12.2022 28 12.2023 Events, Literature

New Book Release: “Bird Streets” by Piotr Paziński, translated by Ursula Phillips

English language translation of Piotr Pazinski's "Bird Streets" following four narrators as they explore second-hand memories of pre-WWII Jewish life in Warsaw.
28 12.2022 31 12.2023 Events, Literature

Mickiewicz’s Ballads and Romances: the Battle-Cry of Polish Romanticism

A unique evening of musical, literary and dance intepretations to mark the launch of the first ever English translation 'Ballads and Romances' by Adam Mickiewicz.
28 11.2022 Events, Literature, Music, Theatre

Cambridge British-Polish Cultural Symposium

A one-day symposium exploring British-Polish cultural and historical connections over the past 100 years with representatives from the arts, media, academia and public diplomacy.
07 12.2022 Events, Film, History, Literature, Music, News, Theatre, Visual arts