Klimowski Poster Book

Most famous film and theatre posters designed by the acclaimed Polish artist
08 03.2018 Books

Babciu! Dziadku! Opowiedz mi! / Grandma! Grandpa! Tell me your story!

Bi-lingual and interactive trans-generational notebook for grandchildren and their grandparents
01 05.2018 Books

My Parents Are Not My Real Parents

Surreal take on childhood beliefs and imaginings - by Rachel Karafistan and Kamil Macejko
15 12.2017 Books

Lady Sue Ryder of Warsaw. Single-minded philanthropist

A story of an unusual woman by Tessa West
09 02.2018 Books

Acropolis, The Wawel Plays

Stanisław Wyspiański Edited and translated by Charles S. Kraszewski
10 09.2017 Books

Nam Thar – Journey, Love, Liberation by Lena Leonteva and Marzena Popławska

An epic journey across 2500 years, India, Nepal, Tibet and England
08 02.2018 Books

The Good Doctor of Warsaw by Elisabeth Gifford

A novel of hope in the dark, for fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz
16 02.2018 Books

Identity, Attachment and Resilience

Exploring Three Generations of a Polish Family
06 09.2017 Books