History of a Disappearance: The Story of a Forgotten Polish Town

Insightful reportage by Filip Springer translated by Sean Bye
20 05.2017 Books

British Sea Power: Music for Polish Animation Classics

Closing Gala of the 15th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival
05 04.2017 Videos

Invisible People of Belarus

A photobook by a Polish photographer and journalist Jadwiga Bronte
31 05.2017 Books

Clear of People by Michał Iwanowski

'A silent tribute to the past and present fugitive on their quest for safety'
23 05.2017 Books

The Great Plan B by Justyna Bargielska

First English collection of works by one of the most orginal young Polish poets
01 12.2017 Books

Detective Nosegoode Trilogy by Marian Orłoń

A series of irresistibly charming, beautifully illustrated children's classics - the adventures of Detective Nosegoode and his talking dog, Cody.
03 08.2017 Books

Music by Krzysztof Jeżewski

A new edition of Krzysztof Jeżewski's Music, alongside paintings by Michał Józefowicz
10 03.2017 Books

Forefathers’ Eve by Adam Mickiewicz

First complete English translation of the masterpiece of Polish Romanticism.
11 05.2017 Books

Exposure by Aga Lesiewicz

Second psychological thriller by a Polish-born, London-based author
02 02.2017 Books