24.08.2023 - 5.11.2023 Empfehlungsarchiv Schloss, Dorfstr. 29, 02829 Königshain

Exercising Collective Disobedience 🗺

LEIPZIG / Ausstellung & soziales Projekt von Alexandra Ivanciu (Leipzig) & Jolanta Nowaczyk (Polen)

Curators: Valentina Iancu & Ewa Meister

Exercising Collective Disobedience is a project which finds itself at the border of art and activism and deals with reproductive rights and trans-national solidarity. The aim is to increase visibility for and support care networks, while actively contributing to the activist work by transferring resources from the artistic sector to the social one by donating morning-after pills.

The core of the project is to make the budget circulate through the performative actions. The artists buy morning-after pills and donate them afterwards to activist collectives from countries where these pills cannot be bought without a prescription, where reproductive rights are severely restricted and where the conscientious objection constitutes a big obstacle in having control on ones own body.

The project consists also in a long term research regarding the present situation existent in Eastern-Central Europe. The starting point are the limitations implemented in Poland in the last years and the artists go further by researching other countries from the region. They collaborate with various activists, doctors and NGO representatives in order to elaborate a comprehensive archive of materials and interviews and to build a map of care networks and the connections between them.

The project was exhibited in Görlitz in June 2022 as part of Zukunftsvisionen Festival. For the exhibition in Leipzig the artists will produce a series of videos and more interviews, as well as an online platform consisting in all their research.

Info: d21-leipzig.de, facebook.com/D21.Kunstraum
Öffnungszeiten: Sa/So 15:00–19:00 und nach Vereinbarung
Ort: D21, Demmeringstraße 21, 04177 Leipzig



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