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V4 Family Houses. Online exhibition and panel discussion on architecture.

Single family housing is one of the traditional types of residential buildings which, in short, might be understood as a space with one dwelling unit, i.e. designed to be occupied by one person or one family.

Within the framework of the project “V4 Family Houses” we invite you to explore the variety of forms and interpretations of single family housing through a virtual exhibition and a panel discussion around creativity with architects from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden!

The virtual exhibition “Family Houses of the Visegrad Group” is available here: https://bit.ly/3io7wEA. The exhibition is placed on two levels, it continues upstairs with Slovak projects.

Here you can see the digital panel discussion ”V4 Family Houses” with the architects from V4 countries and Sweden: https://v4.shortly.film/

Virtual exhibition

The exhibition “Family Houses of the Visegrad Group” has been organised since 2008 as a Visegrad Group’s (V4) collaboration between the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ – the organizer of the family houses travelling exhibition), the Association of Polish Architects (SARP), the Architectural Faculty of the Technical University in Prague and the Architectural Institution of the Technical University in Košice. The aim of the project is to present unique examples of family houses and give an insight into the current trends in architecture of the V4 countries.

This year, the exhibition will be presented in the form of a collaborative online project arranged by the Visegrad Group’s members in Sweden. Tjeckiska centret i Stockholm, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Stockholm, the Embassy of Hungary Stockholm and Polska institutet Stockholm present 16 innovative projects and invite for a digital panel discussion with the architects from the V4 countries and Swedish experts in the field!

Panel discussion

Among the prominent guests, we will host the great architects from V4 countries and Sweden: Jan Hora, Norbert Villányi & V. Marton Rozália, Bartłomiej Nawrocki, Pavol Paňák, Thomas Sandell, and Sanna Hederus. The panel discussion will be moderated by one and only Lotta Ahlvar, a chairman for Design Sweden.

Read more about the participants of the panel discussion:

Jan Hora, Czech Republic

Graduated at FUA TUL (Faculty of arts and architecture, Technical University of Liberec). Gained experience through working in various architectural studios in the Czech Republic and abroad. From 2014 he has been a part of ORA (original regional architecture) architectural studio that gathers architects focused on the living space, with the main interest in small towns and their context.

More about ORA

Rozália V. Maraton, DLA and Norbert Villányi, Hungary

Owners of vilma architecture studio since 2011, a married couple and parents to five children.

Most of their design projects are located in Budapest, its suburb and around the lake Balaton, but they have been working all over in Hungary. In their practice they don’t focus on a particular type of building but are involved in all kinds of projects regarding e.g. public, industrial, historical or residential buildings, as well as agricultural developments or sacral architecture. They are also interested in interior design.

Bartłomiej Nawrocki, Poland

Co-founder of jojko+nawrocki architects (JNA) – the architectural practice located in Katowice, Silesia – awarded many times in Polish and foreign architectural competitions over the past 15 years. He is a part of a design team of the House in the Woods, presented in the exhibition, consisting of two offices: MW Architects (MWA) and JNA.

More about JNA

Pavol Paňák, Slovakia

Practicing architect and partner in ARCHITEKTI BKPŠ office in Bratislava and Professor to Faculty of Architecture and Design of SLOVAK TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY in Bratislava. Author of many projects of broad typological range, mostly made in co-authorship with architect Martin Kusý such as for example National Bank of Slovakia´s new headquarters, Slovak Embassy in Berlin, residential area in Nitra. Currently working on reconstruction and extension of Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava. An author of Addition to a weekend house in Čachtice which is presented in the exhibition.


Wikipedia Creative Commons

Thomas Sandell, Sweden

A chief architect at Sandellsandberg and a part of Sveriges Arkitekter.

Known for a number of buildings, such as Gåshaga bridge on Lidingö, interiors for Ordning & Reda, Polarn & Pyret or Moderna Museet. He has worked with several Swedish and international furniture manufacturers such as Capellini, Svenskt Tenn, Asplund, Room, and Ikea.

More about Sandellsandberg

Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Sanna Hederus, Sweden

A chief architect at Kod Arkitekter in Stockholm and a part of Sveriges Arkitekter.

Kod Arkitekter’s philosophy focuses on architecture and urban development based on the conditions of the place, human needs, and the boundaries of the planet. They aim is to build a humane, resilient, and circular society. Their projects are mostly localised in Stockholm but also include other areas in Sweden such as Linköping or Eskilstuna.

More about Kod Arkitekter

Photo: Måns Berg 

The project is arranged by the Polish Institute in Stockholm in collaboration with the Czech Centre in Stockholm, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Stockholm and the Embassy of Hungary in Stockholm.

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